Spindle Motors
Potentiometrs Sensors
OPKON Limited develops, manufactures and globally markets industrial position/angle measurement sensors, position, temperature, weight, measuring and controlling equipments.
Rack & Gear Modules
LICAT was founded in Turin in 1961 by Vittorio Apicella, and our first factory was situated in the well-known industrial area of “Borgo San Paolo”. As a chosen supplier to major national manufacturers, the company has always specialised both in the construction of special transmission parts and in the manufacture of precision gearing systems.
CNC Controller
SOPEN-XS is the flexible, powerful and cost-effective entry level system of the OSAI CNC OPENcontrol family
Planetary Gearboxes
NXT gearboxes have a greater dynamic response, are quieter and can be coupled easily and quickly with all standard couplings.
Our Products